Trigjig Adjustable Rafter Square

Code: RSA180A
Barcode: 5060463290474|
124.23 incl. VAT

In Stock


The RSA180 Adjustable Rafter Square is the aluminium version of our hugely popular RS180 Adjustable Stainless Steel model.

The RSA180 Adjustable features a handy adjustable fence that allows the user to 'set and forget' when marking out multiple roof trusses. It makes repeat cuts quick and easy and as this model is fully CNC machined on our incredibly precise, state-of-the-art vertical machining centre, the fence quickly snaps back to exactly zero when required. 
As with all the RSA squares the RSA180 Adjustable has many useful features that include:
175mm laser marked rule inside a recessed pocket - this avoids wear when the tool is laid flat

Adjustable arm for quick seat and plumb cuts

Common rafter scale

CNC engraved degree marks for wear resistance

Pencil scribe notches and thirds for marking common timber dimensions

4mm anodised aluminium surface finish for toughness and tool longevity

Designed and made in Great Britain


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