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Configuration: Mazo Right, Hammer Holster Right, Eagle Left, Gun Loop, 4" Belt

Great For: Framers, Finish Carpenters, Drywallers

6 pockets, 9 slots, 5 loops

The Chopo tool belt strikes a balance between essential carry on the dominant side and a pouch large enough for a speed square on the non-dominant side. It also includes a hammer holster and nailer loop so you are ready for a wide variety of fasteners. We worked with our friend Joe Canning (@canadian_carpenter) to design a minimalist framing set-up, but the Chopo has found a home with many carpenters, drywallers and others who are looking to keep the weight down and the versatility up.

4 Pockets
8 Tool Slots
Butterfly Tool Loops
4-slot Bit Index
Speed Square Slot
2 Accessory Attachment Points
Padded Pocket Divider for Brad Nail Strips


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