PICA Master-set Carpenter marking kit

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Wipes off instantly your marking with a dry cloth (from glossy surfaces).
PICA Master-set Carpenter kit Includes: a 6060 Big Dry marker, 6045 and 4030 lead refill packs, a 3030 Dry pen, and a 990/40 Visor industrial marker, all secured in a nylon wallet with a velcro fastener.
The long-lasting Big Dry construction marker and the Dry automatic pencil offer automatic lead-feed with a simple press.
The Big Dry refill pack comprises twelve 2x5mm-profile rectangular 2B graphite leads.
The 4030 refill pack contains sharp, versatile, and multi-colored leads.

(1) 6060 Pica BIG Dry Longlife Construction Marker.
(1) 6045 Pica BIG Dry refill set FOR ALL, graphite 2B, red, white.
(1) 3030 Pica-Dry® Longlife automatic pen.
(1) 4030 Pica-Dry® refill set FOR ALL, graphite 2B.

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